Finding entry-level talent has become a pressing issue in King County.

15,500 local jobs requiring no education credentials go unfilled every year.

17,200 opportunity youth aged 16-24 are ready to work.

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative and Educurious are successfully closing the employment gap.

We partner with community organizations to connect opportunity youth with companies that need their talent and support their mutual success.

We help businesses build and maintain their talent pipelines.

We work with over 50 corporate partners, including six headquartered in Seattle – King County:


Opportunity youth are an untapped source of talent for employers.


out of school, and ready to work


have a HS diploma


have work experience within the last year

We help employers and youth connect and succeed.

We help employers and youth connect and succeed.

Businesses and qualified opportunity youth need a way to manage challenges and connect. In some cases, youth are not aware that jobs are available or are unprepared to successfully apply for them. Others face systemic barriers including lack of transportation or child care. We work with community organizations to provide the necessary training and support services, so youth and employers can thrive.

Everyone wins.

Retention rates for opportunity youth are up to 300% higher.

Employees hired from job-readiness programs targeting opportunity youth stayed in their jobs longer than their entry-level peers.

Cutting turnover in half saves retail companies:

$2.5 million per year for a company with 5,000 entry-level employees

$54,000 per year for a company with 100 entry-level employees

“We've found that the 100K youth are retaining better and they are getting promoted faster because they are hungry for that opportunity.”

Brian Smith, Recruitment Marketing Analyst, Chipotle

Your opportunity awaits…

Our team will work with you to assess your employment needs and connect you with youth-serving organizations and opportunity youth. We’re here to support employers and youth every step of the way—from introductions, to hiring, to job training and mentorship.

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