The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative connects employers and young job seekers.

We are a coalition of employers focused on hiring opportunity youth. We’re working to close the employment gap and connect youth to apprenticeships, internships, and part-time and full-time jobs.

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We work with more than 50 companies nationwide and in Atlanta, including:

Opportunity youth are an untapped source of talent.

Nationally, 4.9 million youth aged 16-24 are out of school and ready to work.
Retention rates for opportunity youth are up to 300% higher than for their entry-level peers.

“We want youth to be successful because their success and our success go right along with each other. So, we can be passionate about the business end of it, but we can also be passionate about how we can help others.”

Coleman Lauterbach, VP Human Resources, HMS Host

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More than 100,000 opportunity youth have found jobs since 2015. We work to provide the necessary training and support services, so young job seekers can thrive, employers succeed, and everyone wins.

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Our team will work with you to assess your employment needs and connect you with youth-serving organizations and opportunity youth. We’re here to support employers every step of the way—from introductions, to hiring, to job training and mentorship.

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