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The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative aims to bridge the opportunity divide for the 5.5 million Americans, aged 16 – 24, who are out of school and not working. With millions of job openings, employers are looking to hire strong talent
We forge connections between employers and the employees they need. Closing this gap creates pathways for opportunity youth while meeting critical business needs and strengthening our economy

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September 6, 2016 in Articles, News

The Guy Making Your Mod Pizza May Once Have Been Serving Time

That guy sprinkling the anchovies on your Mod Pizza might be a two-time loser and ex-con, but that’s part of the business plan at the 150-store, fast-casual restaurant chain.

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August 31, 2016 in News, Updates

100,000 Opportunities Initiative Exceeds Goal and Hires 100,000 Opportunity Youth In First Year

Employer-led coalition achieves goal two years ahead of schedule; Aligns with rest of sector to help one million young people in the next five years SEATTLE (August 31, 2016) –…

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August 29, 2016 in News

Phoenix Starbucks launches youth training program

A new job-training program and community room debuted at a Phoenix Starbucks on Thursday as part of an ongoing initiative to grow the local economy and help youth who are unemployed and not currently in school….

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August 29, 2016 in Articles

Build Your IT Talent Pipeline With This Untapped Population

Companies all across America are increasingly experiencing a shortage of skilled, entry-level IT talent. As a result, tech executives are having a difficult time hiring, which hinders their ability to expand and develop new technologies. Not only has recruiting become a constant challenge in the IT world, but employee retention has become one as well.

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