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Change the face of economic prosperity, disrupt the cycle of poverty, and meet critical business needs by providing employment opportunities and pathways for Opportunity Youth.

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Huge success in Chicago!

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Our goal is to create the nation’s largest employer-led private sector coalition focused on helping young people build skills and attain credentials, while connecting them to employment.

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Are you a young person looking for your next opportunity? Check out resources, advice, and stories of how people – celebrities and beyond – got their starts.

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"Proud to join the #100KOpportunities Initiative as one more way we care for our communities to be their best: https://www.100kopportunities.org/"

− @MarkHoplamazian

"#theysay we lack initiative.

@BigShep44 did 3 challenges & earned a badge that says otherwise. #100KOpportunities "

− @upwithchi

"Thanks to @troubleman31 for helping the Chicago youth get jobs. This is what it's all about!! #100kopportunities "

− @common

""It's not just about getting a job." Job fair aims to get 100,000 youth jobs http://cnnmon.ie/1EnGU8W #StartSomewhere #100kOpportunities"

− @SchultzFamilyFD

"5.6m young adults not in school or working = pop. of Denmark. #100kOpportunities = great start http://bit.ly/1IyTcBV "

− @oppnation

"'Being prepared for success is a mental process. It starts in your mind?.' @Usher #startsomewhere #100kOpportunities "

− @getschooled

"We’re joining #100kOpportunities to help put today’s youth on a path to financial security. --> https://www.100kopportunities.org/ "

− @PrudentialNews

"#InAHyattWorld, we strive to help others so that they can be at their best. #100kOpportunities http://www.100kOpportunities.org "

− @HyattTweets